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Pulse 360 First Ad Network To Pass Audit For Click Measurement Guidelines

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Pulse 360 has passed a third-party audit for the Interactive Advertising Bureau's (IAB) new Click Measurement Guidelines. It is the first ad network company to pass a third-party audit, which was conducted by Freed Maxick & Battaglia, CPAs, affiliated with RSM McGladrey. The IAB guidelines provide a rigorous methodology for companies to define and measure valid clicks and eliminate fraudulent ones, establishing industry-standard parameters for the accurate buying and selling of cost-per-click advertising.

"We have always taken very seriously our obligation to provide full value for the ad dollars invested by our advertising partners on our sponsored links network, which includes aggressively fighting click fraud," said Jeff Kamikow, Pulse 360 President and head of sales.

"These industry standards create comfort for marketers as well as our publisher partners and the consumers that visit those sites. Pulse 360 will continue to take a leadership position in combating click fraud."

Independent, third-party audits conducted by companies including Freed Maxick will certify the operations of media companies against the IAB Click Measurement Guidelines, providing assurance to the buyers of online media that those audited companies will adhere to high standards of rigor and transparency in their click-counting methodologies.


"We applaud Pulse 360 for being among the first to adopt the IAB's Click Measurement Guidelines," said Randall Rothenberg, president and CEO of the IAB.

"We are confident that many other organizations in our membership will adopt these Guidelines as one of the most important ways to assure marketers that the clicks they pay for are real."

"The IAB Click Measurement Guidelines are a comprehensive set of standards for counting pay-per-click advertising impressions and for detecting and preventing click fraud," said Larry Hessney, director of Freed Maxick's Technology Risk Consulting Services division.

"We validated Pulse 360's compliance through rigorous review and testing of their click measurement methodology, including their click fraud prevention practices. Pulse 360 has displayed a commitment to transparency and reliable measurement practices during the period of our review."
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