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Transparency In The Use Of Data In The Interactive Advertising Industry

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The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) today announced the release of “Data Usage & Control Primer: Best Practices & Definitions,” a guide that explains in plain terms what data can be collected online and how that data should be collected, as well as providing a lexicon of commonly used terms and recommending a set of business-to-business best practices to foster transparency and cohesion throughout the interactive advertising industry.

Developed in conjunction with leaders from branded publisher sites, ad networks and data companies, the Primer:

- Outlines the mechanics of online behavioral advertising and data collection and identifies the parties currently participating in the industry

- Sets out a point of view of the advertising-selling community regarding the use, control and valuation of data
Proposes business-to-business (B2B) best practices for data usage and control


- Assembles a comprehensive lexicon of interactive advertising data definitions

“This document is an invaluable resource for all areas of the ecosystem and it’s the first time any organization has tackled the task of defining the data landscape,” said Randall Rothenberg, President and CEO of the IAB. “Data is what makes interactive advertising work for everyone—marketers, agencies, publishers and most importantly, consumers.”

“‘The Data Usage & Control Primer’ is a collective effort to answer a need in our industry,” said Patrick Dolan, EVP, CAO, and IAB leader on the IAB Data Usage & Control Task Force. “It addresses and helps resolve the contractual and competitive challenges that surround data usage and collection within the interactive advertising industry.”

The Primer is the latest addition to the IAB’s efforts to increase transparency, improve data security and ensure that interactive channels remain open and viable places to do business for the myriad of parties involved in interactive advertising. In July 2009 the IAB joined the nation's largest media and marketing trade associations in the release of “Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising” the industry’s most comprehensive self-regulatory guidelines on privacy in regards to the collection and use of consumer data. While the Privacy Principles address consumer privacy, the Primer was created with a specific focus on the B2B aspects of the use of data in digital advertising and marketing.

“Data Usage & Control Primer: Principles & Definitions” can be found on the IAB website at:
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