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Starbucks-Sponsored Paper Cup Challenge Announces Winners

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Starbucks-sponsored The Betacup Challenge, a design contest held to tackle paper cup wastage, declared the winners on 17 June. The winning entry was simple enough: a chalkboard.

Customers bringing a reusable mug can put a mark on the chalkboard, and every 10th guest will receive a free beverage. Called “Karma Cup”, the entry said, “what people really need is an incentive to make the behaviour change-- a free cup of coffee and a bit of pree pressure.”

“Karma Cup” was conceptualised by Mira Holley, Nick Patridge, Gillian Langor, Mira Lynn, Zarla Ludin and Ruth Prentice. The entry came up tops among a total of 430 entries.

Entries ranged from biodegradable single-use cups to edible ‘coffee balls’ to cups that could be repurposed as playground equipment, The Beta Cup said.


“We wanted to organise a forum where people could share their ideas to solve the problem [of paper cup wastage],” said Shaun Abrahamson of Colaboratorie Mutopo, the company that organised the challenge, in an interview with Mashable.

Starbucks sponsored the cash prizes for the contest: US$10,000 for the top entry, and a US$2,000 each for the five entries that garnered the most online votes.

To see the full list of winners, visit The Beta Cup website.
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