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Facebook Puts Twitter App's New 'Find Friends' Feature on Ice

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Twitter’s app for Facebook now allows users to automatically follow their Facebook friends on the micro-blogging site, according to a blog post made 23 June.

However, shortly after the feature went live, the ‘Find Friends’ service stopped working, replaced by the infamous ‘Fail Whale’ image. It has been reported that the issue is on Facebook’s end.

It is unsure if the problem is a technical hiccup or a blockage on Facebook’s part, preventing Twitter from accessing any Facebook users’ friends list.


At the time of this report, the error message that shows up on the Twitter app reads: “It appears that the connection between Facebook and Twitter isn't working, we are working with Facebook to resolve the problem.”

In the blog post dated, Twitter’s Josh Elman introduced the update for the app which will show “which of your Facebook friends are on Twitter and lets you follow them instantly and save them to a list.”

By bringing existing Facebook friends into Twitter, Elman hopes to satisfy requests from users asking how they can find and follow the people they are connected to on other social networks.

Recently, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been quoted as saying he “paid too much attention” to Twitter and that his company is no longer afraid of the competition posed by the micro-blogging site.
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