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Mapping Americans’ Moods Through Twitter

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Now you don’t even need to meet someone to see if he or she’s in a bad mood—just check their Twitter accounts. And a study conducted by Northeastern University and Harvard University have done just that.

The ‘Pulse of the Nation’ study gleaned Americans’ moods from 300 million tweets and visualized them into a cartogram—that’s a map that substitutes data for land density.

Researchers also mapped out the tweets over days of the week and hourly intervals to see just which time and day do Americans get mad at the most (it’s on Thursday evenings). On the other hand, Sunday mornings are the happiest periods for Americans.


It’s a pretty cool way to crowdsource survey data given the micro-blog’s extensive reach and amount of personal information being shared on the site.

You can download the PDF version of the image here.

Watch a timelapse of the cartogram here:

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