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When Everyday Objects Become Musical Instruments

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If your coffee grinder talks back to you, it’s probably cause for concern. But for two German designers, it’s a thing to behold.

Georg Reil and Kathy Scheuring’s sound design project, ‘Fine Collection of Curious Sound Objects’, takes six everyday objects like a matchbox and a messenger bag and adds a sonic twist.


You can’t tell the objects have been modified, too; so for example, a nondescript looking coffee grinder houses a microphone and speakers in its body to playback any sound you bellow into it.

There’s also a pail that, instead of water, collects ambient ‘sound’. When emptied, the sounds play back all at once, aurally translating the pail’s original function.

And in a whimsical touch, the designers have weaved a narrative along each item, so no matter how trivial they appear, they’re capable of far different things from their initial design.

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