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Talent Maven: The LinkedIn for Actors, Models, Would-Be Celebrities

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It used to be the stereotype of struggling-actor-working-as-waiter looking for that one big break. But a website publicly launched recently, Talent Maven, hopes to make that jump from nobody to celebrity a little quicker.

Billed as the ‘LinkedIn for the entertainment industry’, Talent Maven lets would-be Justin Timberlakes or Agyness Deyns set up profiles and make connections with other members and, crucially, agents and industry professionals.


TechCrunch reports that already 1,000 industry people, including those from William Morris and MTV, are testing the site. And the hiphop star Timbaland’s production company is picking up two singers discovered on Talent Maven.

Because there are probably a hundred times as many ‘aspiring models’ as there are agents, Talent Maven does something Facebook would never: make profiles exclusive. Users can prevent people from contacting themselves—so those busy agents won’t have thousands asking for a modeling gig.

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