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IKEA Unveils Kitchen of the Future, and it's Alive

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Looks like IKEA never watched Stanley Kubrick’s A Space Odyssey. The Swedish furniture giant took a cue from the film’s villainous HAL9000 supercomputer, predicting that our future kitchens will be alive.

In conjunction with The Future Laboratory, IKEA has unveiled their idea of the 2040 kitchen, dubbed INTUITIV. And like its name suggests, it’s smart enough to do just about anything.

INTUITIV will be able to read users’ moods via sensors, suggesting recipes and even infusing walls with aromatherapy.

And the kitchen will even be able to replace people, in a somewhat nightmarish idea. It “will be your personal trainer, dietician, psychologist and lifestyle coach", the company said in a statement.

Engadget reports that the kitchen will also feature 3D food printing, celebrity chefs “hologrammed into your home”, and other sci-fi dangers that those films warned us so much about.

Pass the Soylent Green, please.

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