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Flexible Display Makes Phone a Bracelet As Well

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As though people haven’t already been fawning over the looks of the new iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy, a concept design for Philips will probably take the fashion-technology thing to a whole different level.

It’s just a concept by Brazilian Dinard da Mata now, but the Philips Fluid is a flexible OLED strip that becomes a bracelet when rolled up and wrapped around the wrist, according to The Design Blog.

While flexible displays aren’t anything new—the concept has been around for what seems is ages—its use in phones is.

But despite the apparent wow-ness of the Fluid, the design does present a few problems. It looks too long, a little unwieldy and really, snapping off the bracelet to take a call only to put it back on does sound troublesome. After all, you wouldn’t want to be seen talking to your wrist.


No doubt, there’s definitely room for a flexible display in phones; but perhaps just not as a bracelet.

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