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Justin Bieber Massive on Twitter, Uses 3% of its Infrastructure

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The YouTube success story Justin Bieber is apparently quite a hit on Twitter as well. Mashable reports that according to a prolific blogger’s source, Bieber uses 3% of all of Twitter’s servers.

The tweet that Mashable noticed, from Dustin Curtis, read: “At any moment, Justin Bieber uses 3% of our infrastructure. Racks of servers are dedicated to him. — A guy who works at Twitter.”


While the Twitter employee isn’t named, the source is supposed to be reliable; and judging by the number of times Bieber appears on the top Twitter trends, it really isn’t that hard to believe.

The teen heartthrob has more than five million followers on Twitter, and Curtis says that Bieber receives more than 60 @-replies per second, traffic that the micro-blogger “wasn’t originally designed to handle”.

We’re not Bieber fans by any stretch, but to have racks of servers dedicated to one person’s tweets alone is quite a feat. Kanye West, sit up and take note.

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