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Infographic: Would You Date Someone Not Interested in Video Games?

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In celebration of the PlayStation’s 15th anniversary, Sony has designed an infographic that answers the more ‘unique’ facets of gaming culture. Like how many gamers will only date fellow button-mashers.

Yes, it does sound a little ridiculous, but 7% of those surveyed said yes to having gamer-only partners, and 23% won’t date anyone who sets limits on their gaming.

In all, a total of 40% of PS3 gamers “cannot be in a relationship with a partner who gets in the way of their gaming,” Sony found. And we thought it was the other way round—that non-gamers would find the obsession a tad repulsive.


The other interesting find: hardcore gamers don’t like snacking while playing, preferring instead to lend the TV screen their utmost concentration.

So maybe the overweight, South Park-style gamer stereotype is a little misleading. Judging from the infographic, they all must be pretty skinny, especially since a good 22% of them have played for 10 hours straight.

Still, congrats to PlayStation for coming this far and continuing to lead the market with innovative products and features; but for those game addicts out there, take the infographic as a sign of what could possibly be harmful in the long-run. Unless a life-long bachelorhood is something to be desired.

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