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iTree: The World’s Largest iPod Dock?

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Audiophiles are a finicky lot, spending a whole lot of time and money on everything from amps to tubes to interconnect cables, even. But what would they think of this massive iPod dock from KMKG Studio?

The iTree, as it’s so aptly named, is precisely that: a hollowed out tree trunk. So you plop your iPod on one end, and wait for the “extra ordinary hi-fi sound”, according to the studio.

There’s not much info on the actual physics behind why a log would be used, but KMKG have consulted a dedicated speakers maker, Lenz, to design what it describes as a “special technique” for sound reproduction.


Given the sheer size of the ‘dock’ (we hesitate to call it that), each piece is unique, and customers can select the kind of wood to be used, as well as the ‘technique’ inside. Sounds mystical, but then again most extreme high-end audio technologies are. At least this one can boast being the biggest one in the market.

All photos by pixelcrash

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