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How to Redesign an ATM

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It’s hard to redesign something so ubiquitous like an ATM, but design firm IDEO and Spanish bank BBVA have partnered to do just that.

Starting with a blank slate, IDEO’s reimagined ATM was built from the “user up, rather than components down,” the company said on the project website, meaning the design revolved around human interface rather than being feature-laden.

So the new ATM, which will make a staggered debut across BBVA outlets in Spain, reduces rather than expands. For a start, the structure of the machine is turned parallel to the wall it is mounted on, rather than perpendicular to it, giving users more privacy. A frosted screen doubles-up on this security measure.

It also sports a touchscreen display and a single slot for cash, statements and receipts, making the whole design a lot less streamlined, according to Design Boom.


The project took two years to complete, and it does present a better thought-out alternative to the standard ATM; perhaps other banks will take note and strive to update the 40-year old ATM technology.

As IDEO writes, “The question was not how to further automate the teller, but rather how to humanize the machine.”

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