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Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 9

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The world’s most popular browser has just got a facelift. Microsoft has released the trial or beta version of Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), promising faster speeds, better graphics and a less bloated interface, reports Reuters.

This means that the browser will try to fade into the ‘background’ and be less obtrusive.

“The web is about sites, and your browser should be, too,” corporate vice president Dean Hachamovitch said in a statement. “IE9 puts you and your site at the center of the browser experience.”

The tech giant also claims IE9 is cleaner and more secure than its predecessors and will support the up-and-coming HTML5 technology. The update is Microsoft’s attempt to compete more fully with Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome as the latter two are slowly cobbling IE9’s market share, according to CNET.


Going minimal isn’t exactly Microsoft’s forte, so it will be interesting to see where this new approach will take them. No bloatware? No cluttered user interface? Doesn’t sound like the Internet Explorer we know.

Here are some sample screenshots:

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