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Turning CAPTCHAs into Ads

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You know those annoying CAPTCHA security measures? What if they were ads? For a user, it’ll be easier to type in words; and for advertisers, it’s yet another banner. An online advertising solutions firm, Solve Media, thinks this might be a win-win scenario.

Solve Media’s new TYPE-IN platform will transform those distorted CAPTCHA fields into brand messages or a logo and an input box. Advertisers will only pay for messages that have been typed in correctly, ensuring brand recall and recognition. Sounds like conditioning, but then again, so are loads of advertising strategies.

The company claims that engagement rates for TYPE-INs have exceeded 40%, a figure eclipsing the regular 1% or less for typical online display ads.


It’s an innovative idea, and has already won over some big name clients like Toyota, Microsoft, AOL and Universal Pictures. As a user, removing hard-to-read words that often don’t even mean anything is heaven-sent. Never mind that it’s an ad.

Watch a demo video here:

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