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Creative Agency Photographs Sound

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Synesthesia is the condition in which people experience letters, numbers and sounds in colors. And this Dentsu London project plays on this, visualizing sound in colorful sculptures.

Meant to promote Canon’s PIXMA color printer range, these ‘sound sculptures’ are made of “dancing droplets of paint captured in extreme detail as they react to sound waves”, Dentsu wrote in a blog post. The creative agency collaborated with photographer Linden Gledhill to shoot the stills, something of a challenge considering how quickly the drops of paint ‘dance’.

This was how the surreal photos were shot: drops of paint were placed in the center of a balloon stretched over a speaker, which sounded various notes to cause the paint to ‘jump’ sporadically. The team experimented with different instruments, frequencies and volume to produce different ‘sculptures’.


Previously, Dentsu London worked its magic on the iPad, programming the device to be able to 'paint' holographs.

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