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In Tech-Savvy Fashion, a Self-Painting Dress

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The twinning of tech and fashion isn’t exactly a new thing—British designer Hussein Chalayan had his robot-dress that could ‘transform’, for example. This Dutch designer must have taken a cue from Chalayan in creating a dress that paints itself.

Anouk Wipprecht designed her ‘Pseudomorph’ dress recently that has valves, wires and batteries to pump ink into its white felt material. That neck piece is equipped with a sci-fi boatload of tubes that deliver the ink.


It’s supposed to create unique patterns for each wearer, but of course the point isn’t an ink-stained dress—it’s the increasing tendency for haute couture, a typically traditional practice, to make strides into a more digital aesthetic. The future of fashion is in the circuit board.

Watch a video of the dress here:

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