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MySpace Undergoes Massive Overhaul

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In an effort to reclaim its grip on the social media world, MySpace has announced a massive overhaul that includes a new brand identity, website and suite of products.

Tailored specifically for Gen Y, the new MySpace will span music, celebrities, movies, television and games.

The new website will, upon logging on, will feature content based on each user’s interests, and it’ll come in three views—list, grid and play—to accommodate different types of media. MySpace will also add a list of trending content, in which users can listen or watch the related media right from the chart.


If that’s reminiscent of Twitter, the new MySpace has also cobbled some features from other social networks in its implementation of a badge reward system. Fans will be awarded badges—similar to those in Foursquare or Gowalla—for their “social activity around entertainment topics”, according to MySpace.

Off the bat, the revamp does seem snappier than its previous, clunkier version. But that logo looks destined to star in yet another parody Twitter account (Oh wait, it already has one). This is how the blank space is supposed to be used in ads:

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