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Graph: Is Your Smartphone Telling of Your Spending?

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Yes, says financial account aggregator Pageonce. And iPhone users are the highest spenders, it found.

The company conducted a study that took 275,000 randomly selected accounts that use its service and aggregated their credit card bills based on the mobile operating system the accounts holders used. These bills include total card expenses, including the current month’s charges, current month’s payments received, carried balance and various fees and charges.


iPhone users topped the list, with an average monthly credit card expense per user of US$6,872. This means the average iPhone user has a 35% higher balance on their monthly credit card statement than the average Windows Mobile user, according to Pageonce COO Steve Schultz.

Pageonce also compiled the average monthly mobile phone bill expenses; and for some reason, app-friendly iPhone users had the lowest average bill. Windows Mobile users, on the other hand, had the highest average bills at US$205.33 per month.

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