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RIAA's List of 'Most Notorious' Markets for Pirated Music

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In late October, LimeWire was forced to shut down. Following the pirated music markets saga in the US, RIAA made a filing with the Office of the US Trade Representative that underscores the world’s ‘most notorious’ markets for pirated music.

Physical markets for pirated digital media exist, and they are huge.

Here are some that the RIAA highlighted, all of which the body contends “provide access to free, unlicensed music without paying a cent to its creators”:

BAIDU: China

A NASDAQ traded Chinese company. Its status as one of the largest distributors of music is undisputed. Baidu’s music service induces infringement through providing access to infringing materials.


Beijing No. 1 Intermediate Court ruled that Baidu was not liable for copyright infringement on 22 January 2010.


A German one-click hosting site that operates from Sweden, Rapidshare allows anyone to upload files of up to 100 megabytes. A unique download URL is given to the user, and enables anyone with whom the uploader shares it to download the file. RapidShare is one of the 100 most visited sites in the world.

The Pirate Bay: Sweden
The Pirate Bay is a global Bittorrent site. Previously operated from Sweden, the four founders had left the country after having been convicted criminally. The founders claim that the site is now owned by a company based in the Seychelles.

The site is still active and is thought to be the most popular Bittorrent site in the world, with over 30 millions users, even though the litigation thus far in Sweden is successful. The world’s most popular films and music can be downloaded instantly via the service.

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