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Foursquare ‘Awards’ the TSA with a Badge

With the holidays coming up, Foursquare is taking on one of the most talked about topics surrounding America’s busiest flight season: the TSA and its heightened security measures.

The location-based social network will award users special TSA badges when they check-in at an airport over the next few days with a tag that includes “TSA”, “grope”, or “Don’t touch my junk, bro!”, the Huffington Post reports. This will unlock the badge that reads: “Looks like you’ve had your baggage handled. Happy Holidays and have a safe flight!”

Foursquare is one company that’s taking a stand against the TSA’s full-body scans or patdowns. Another similar social network, Loopt, is encouraging people to take part in ‘National Opt-Out Day’, in which passengers can decline the scans. The social network will be awarding iPod Touches to 10 users who opt-out and check-in on Loopt.

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