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In Celebration of French Film Director, a Free Typeface

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Jean-Luc Godard is one of France’s most beloved filmmakers, part of the prolific New Wave movement, has just celebrated his 80th birthday.

And to celebrate the man behind films like Breathless and Band of Outsiders, a design studio in Holland created two typefaces available for free download: the JeanLuc alphabet (below in white) and the PDU alphabet (below in blue).

The Atelier Carvalho Bernau studio said it was “always in love” with the title sequences in a couple of Godard’s films, and the designed typefaces were based on those sequences.


The studio writes on its website: “This style of lettering is so interesting to us because it is such a clear renunciation of the ‘pretty’, classical title screens that were common in that time’s more conservative films. It has a more vernacular and brutishly low-brow character; this lettering comes from the street.”

The fonts are up for download here.

[via Fast Co Design]

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