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For Music Writers, Print or Online?

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The debate of print and online has been waged for some time now, and adding some fuel to the war is this Pop Matters survey. The music publication asked several music publicists and record labels which has more ‘prestige’: print or online?

Pop Matters’ rationale was the question that most writers get asked: “Will this appear online or in print?”

Here are some quotes from the music publicists:

Nils Bernstein of Matador Records

I would say there’s more prestige in having an article in print, if only because virtually all print pieces end up on the publications’ sites anyway. Occasionally a piece intended for print gets ‘demoted’ to online, but then I find often those pieces end up getting more ‘pickup’ (Facebook ‘Likes’, Re-tweets, etc.) than the print piece might (even if the print piece is online, often it doesn’t get as much online ‘real estate’ as an ‘online exclusive’). So I’d say the days of online being print’s earnest little brother are quickly fading.


Josh Bloom of Fanatic Promotion

There’s still more prestige with print, even when speaking about press coverage in general. It’s still better to get a feature in a fashion magazine like Soma than it is a review on Pitchfork.

Aleix Martinez of Girlie Action

I don’t feel that there is inherently more prestige in either. Online is great to spread news fast, introduce new artists, disseminate music, and create a buzz. When you’re looking for an in-depth 3,000-word story on someone, that’s going to usually be print. I think most people realize that they both have their strengths and are equally important. While everyone still wants to be in print magazines, all of my clients know how important online outlets are and we prioritize them.

What would Robert Christgau think?

[via Pop Matters]
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