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Google Variations: Art From the Search Engine

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Google Variations is a collection of Google hacks by Argentinian designer Leonardo Solaas that can be read as parodies, commentaries, or just a poking-fun-at the ubiquitous search engine.

Some are mere cosmetic revamps, like Paint it Google (above) and the Google Pond, which allow the users to mess around with the iconic Google homescreen.

Others are indirect criticisms of the company. Google is Good, for example, returns results to users (using Google’s custom search) listing all the controversies the internet company found itself embroiled in.


The Nongoogles looks like the regular Google search page, but queries return results from other search engines like Blekko, Yahoo!, and Bing.

But the most apocalyptic one of the lot, The Future (see below), simply takes the user to a faux 404 error page with a prophecy, “Some day Google will not be there”, written in the brand’s colors.

[via Turbulence]
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