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Report: A Book as Ornamental Device

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The future of books has been hotly debated in this Kindle-and-iPad age. According to The New York Times, architects, builders and designers are still making spaces with shelves, and books have come to stay.

Thatcher Wine’s clients, who include hotel designers and high-end builders, hire him to “wrap” books in different types of paper to provide either “textural accent” to the space or to “refresh” their environments, the Times said. Wine calls his line of work, “decorative book solutions”.

Wine charges from US$80 to US$350 a foot for his work. The rare vellum comes at about US$750 a foot.


Yet, books are not merely used as visually pleasing backdrops in interior design.

“But the people I work for don’t want books just as backdrop or theater, which they did 20 years ago,” Alexa Hampton, the New York decorator, tells the Times, “Now they want books they actually might read.”

[via NYTimes]
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