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Computer Scientist Developing ‘Photo Authenticity’ Software

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A Dartmouth College computer scientist Hany Farid is developing a digital forensics software that can tell if a photograph has been manipulated, reports Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

Farid’s software checks the digital signature of photographs against a database of more than 10,000 digital camera models ever made, the magazine said. If any variations are spotted in the signature, it would “indicate fakery”, said BusinessWeek.

Some examples of the software’s use include law enforcement agencies that require unaltered photographs for evidence, and for newspapers to authenticate photographs sent to them by freelancers, according to BusinessWeek.


There are limitations, though. The software can only determine if a photo has been manipulated; to find out what and how the image was altered would require other techniques.

Farid is partnering Adobe in developing the technology, although it is unsure if the scientist will start his own company or get Adobe onboard to sell the software.

[via PSFK]
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