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Less Spam Over the Holidays, Study Finds

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Even the spam bots appear to have taken a breather over the holiday period. The volume of global spam has been found to have dropped significantly from more than 200 billion messages in August but just 50 billion in December, according to a Symantec study.

While the drop was gradual, there was an even more significant drop during the Christmas holiday, according to Symantec.


Symantec could not offer a concrete explanation accounting for the drop, but said it might have to do with three of the world’s largest spam bot operators—Rustock, Lethic and Xarvester—going silent over the period in question.

The Rustock botnet is “by far the most dominant spam botnet in 2010”, wrote Symantec’s Eric Park in a blog post.

Another possible explanation could be that these spammers are “regrouping ahead of a new campaign”, reports the BBC, adding that “it is still too early to say that the current lull in activity will last”.

[via BBC]
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