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Google Goggles Can Now Scan Print Ads, Barcodes

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Google has just released an updated version of its Goggles app that can scan barcodes, recognize the companies featured on print ads, and solve Sudoku puzzles.

When users scan a print ad on Goggles, the app will return web search results about the product or brand (see above).

Goggles will also be able to scan barcodes or QR codes for users to read product reviews, check in-store availability and compare prices. This feature is only available to Android users.


“We’re excited to take another step in our vision of connecting offline media to online media,” wrote Google software engineers Leon Palm and Jiayong Zhang in a blog post.

And for fans of Sudoku puzzles, the new Goggles can solve them almost instantly, the company claims. You can watch a demo video of this in action below.

[via Google]
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