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Will the Real Father of Facebook Please Stand Up?

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Yes, we get it. All parents are proud of their kids. And particularly if you are parents of Mark Zuckerberg, you will be very, very proud.

But when the TIME Person of The Year's dad decides to market himself as 'The Father of Facebook', he must be aware that TIME Magazine is going to run a story about his paternal claim.

A claim that affects 500 million people..

In a letter Edward J. Zuckerberg, dad of Mark, wrote to pitch his 'painless' family dental service to new 'neighbors', he proclaimed "I am literally the Father of Facebook!"

It's strange enough that while Edward was quick to ride on the success of the $50-billion social network, he forgot to mention the most important person who made it possible -- his real son Mark Zuckerberg.


He did, however, remember to include his Facebook page URL in his letterhead though.

Extract of letter published by TIME Magazine

So now, back to answering the question of who's the real father of Facebook, let's first find out who really owns Facebook, post Goldman-Sachs/Greylock/Bono. (Yes, that Bono.)

It's clear from the pie chart above who the real father of Facebook is: its staff.
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