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After Child Spends $1,400 on Apps, Congressman Acts

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After an eight-year old spent US$1,400 of her parents’ money on in-app purchases from the iPhone game Smurfs’ Village, Congressman Edward Markey has written in to the FTC on the issue, reports Cult of Mac.

Markey was interested in consumer protection issues related to in-app purchases, the tech blog said. He was alerted to the issue after reading the Washington Post story detailing how some parents’ are angry at app developers who make kid-friendly games that still allow virtual items to be bought within the app, often at too high a price.


Markey wrote: “I am disturbed by news that in-app purchases may be taking advantage of children’s lack of understanding when it comes to money and what it means to ‘buy’ and imaginary game piece on the web.”

“Companies shouldn’t be able to use Smurfs and snowflakes and zoos as online ATMs pulling money from the pockets of unsuspecting parents,” he continued.

[via Cult of Mac]
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