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‘We are Not for Sale’: Twitter Co-founder Biz Stone

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In an interview with NPR, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone firmly said the micro-blogging website is not for sale.

“We’re not for sale and we haven’t been,” Stone was quoted as saying. “We’re very, very interested in building an independent company.”


In recent weeks, reports circulated around the web that Google and Facebook had both approached Twitter with proposed takeovers. The Wall Street Journal, which first published the news, also cited anonymous sources as saying Twitter is worth around US$8 to $10 billion, a claim Stone humorously denies.

“We’re not valued at US$10 billion,” he told NPR. “That’s just what people are writing in the newspapers, which unfortunately has the negative impact of my friends thinking I must have US$10 billion.”

[via NPR]
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