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No Smaller iPhone Coming Soon, NYTimes Says

Rumors that Apple is planning to launch a smaller ‘iPhone Nano’ have been put to rest, according to an article on The New York Times citing sources close to the matter.

Last week, a Bloomberg report claimed Apple was working on smaller and cheaper iPhones for a mid-year launch.

The Times’ sources said a smaller iPhone would not “necessarily be much cheaper to manufacture” and would be “more difficult to operate”. App developers would also be forced to re-write their apps to fit a smaller screen, the paper said.

Although, the Times’ sources dismissed the smaller iPhones, they did tell the paper that cheaper iPhones are a possibility. According to them, Apple is considering changing internal components of the iPhone to “bring costs down”, the Times said.

“Although the innards of the phone, including memory size or camera quality, could change to offer a less expensive model, the size of the device would not vary,” the source told the Times.

[via NYTimes]
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