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AP Settles Lawsuit with Obey Clothing Over ‘Hope’ Image

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Two months after settling its legal dispute with street artist Shepard Fairey over the ‘Hope’ image, the Associated Press has resolved the same dispute with apparel maker Obey Clothing, a company licensed by Fairey himself.

The AP’s announcement, made 16 March, marks the end of the “high-profile copyright infringement lawsuit” and is the “final resolution of the disputes”, said AP president and CEO Tom Curley in a statement.

With the settlement, the AP and Obey Clothing will collaborate to create and sell apparel using Fairey’s ‘Hope’ image, which is in turn based on an AP-owned photograph. The apparel maker also agreed not to use another AP photo without obtaining a license from the AP.


Financial terms to the settlement were not made public.

“While it was a long road with many twists and turns along the way, the AP is proud of the result and will continue to vigorously defend its copyrighted photographs against wholesale copying and commercialization where there is no legitimate basis for asserting fair use,” Curley said.

Curley added that the settlement will benefit the AP’s Emergency Relief Fund, which helps its staff and families cope with natural disasters.

This latest development also “amicably resolves” claims made by the AP against three other clothing retailers which had used the ‘Hope’ image, the news agency said in a statement.

[via Poynter]
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