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Adobe Launches iPad-friendly Photoshop Tools

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Adobe yesterday announced three Photoshop companion apps designed specifically for use on Apple’s iPad: Color Lava, Eazel and Nav. The three apps are part of Adobe’s Photoshop Touch Software Development Kit (SDK) which will allow developers to create touch-friendly Photoshop apps.

Color Lava, Eazel and Nav will not supplant a desktop Photoshop altogether but rather, are meant for users to use tablets in tandem with their PCs.

Color Lava

With Color Lava, users can create color swatches and color themes by ‘mixing’ colors with their fingertips. Users can also port swatches over from the iPad to their PCs by having both devices connected on the same network.



Eazel is a painting tool for the iPad that attempts to mimic real paint—“new technology allows digital paint to ‘dry’ over time”, Adobe said. Paintings saved on the iPad can also be saved onto a desktop, where they’ll be re-rendered at a higher resolution.


Nav is purely a productivity tool; it allows creatives to use their iPads as a control center for Photoshop, where toolbars can be customized and accessed, and files can be browsed and opened.


“Our research shows that creatives are adopting tablets faster than any other group and we heard loud and clear that they want to use their devices to interact with Photoshop, the tool they depend on most of all,” Adobe senior vice president and general manager of digital media solutions John Loiacono said in a statement.

The three apps are expected to roll out beginning 3 May 2011, and will range between US$2 to US$5 on the iTunes App Store.

[via Adobe]
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