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Yahoo Wants to Tag Your TV

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By Luci Morland,

Have you ever had the name of a television show on the tip of your tongue, unable to form the words? It turns out, there is an app for that.

Internet giant Yahoo! bought the 12-week old IntoNow, which makes an iPhone application that tags television shows based on what is said during the show. The deal is rumored to be between US$20 million and US$30 million dollars in cash and stock, and brings IntoNow's seven employees into the Yahoo! family.


IntoNow operates by utilizing the patented platform SoundPrint. The program analyzes the audio generated from the television in three-second increments and converts that data into a fingerprint of sorts—essentially the unique signature for the show—that is then matched to the company's reference set.

The application makes a match and returns the data on the show, the episode, cast, and other pertinent details. Users can then link this information to their Facebook page.

The company has plans to expand into the iPad and Android market, and chose Yahoo! from a series of suitors precisely because the technology has incredible scalability going forward.

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