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SONY Announces Android Tablets

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One year after Apple launched the iPad and kickstarted a tablet frenzy, SONY is announcing its first foray into the still-nascent market with two Android-powered devices, codenamed the S1 and S2.

The tablets come in two sizes; the 9.4-inch version (S1) is “optimized for rich media entertainment” while the 5.5-inch model (S2) is “ideal for mobile communication and entertainment”, SONY said in a statement.

The S2 has two 5.5-inch displays which can be used separately or as one large screen. For example, a video can be playing on one screen with the playback controls on the other.


Both tablets will run Google’s Honeycomb version of its Android operating system and will be capable of playing PlayStation-quality games, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Despite their features, the SONY tablets face an uphill task in the tablet market, which is expected to be overcrowded this year with many manufacturers releasing their own offerings. SONY itself has said it hopes to leapfrog Samsung to be the second player after Apple by 2012, according to the Journal.

The tablets are expected to be released in the Fall, although each model may be debuted separately in different markets, the Journal said.

[via WSJ]
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