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Radiation from Cell Phones? Don't Sweat it

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By Steven Anfield,

The Economist has published a report rubbishing claims that cell phone use can cause cancer.

According to the study, radio waves cannot produce ionizing radiation, regardless of how powerful the transmitter is. This goes against years of concerns, but only X-rays, gamma rays and extreme ultra-violet waves, which operate in the high frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum, are energetic enough to produce dangerous molecules called free radicals.

The radio waves in the UHF band used by television, WiFi, Bluetooth, call phones, microwave ovens, garage remotes, etc, are approximately one million times too weak to cause this type of ionization.


Of course, this is just one study and it is contradicted by the World Health Organization, who last month decided to classify radio-waves as a “possible carcinogenic to humans”. Studies, apparently, are being done all over the place over varying lengths of time, with wildly differing results.

So who should we listen to? Cell phones are so much a part of every day life that it's hard to imagine anything other than a conclusive study leading the public to cut down using them even a little.

Should we perhaps be a little more careful until we know anything for sure? Probably. But try telling that to the masses.

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