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BMW Testing a Self-Driving Car

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BMW is testing an autonomous car that will eliminate the need for a human pilot, according to several reports.

The 5-series car being tested under BMW’s Highly Automated Driving project has already clocked more than 2,700 miles in a self-driving test, reports CNET. The car uses “advanced decision-making software, GPS, maps, cameras and sensors” to navigate itself and is able to travel up to 70 miles-per-hour and obey all traffic rules, according to the tech website.


BMW said the self-driving system is designed only for highway use, and that the driver still needs to be aware of the traffic and environment.

The next obstacle tackled by the Highly Automated Driving project are construction zones. “Construction sites are a big challenge, because they take on all kinds of forms, which makes detection, localization and determining the right vehicle response quite difficuly,” a BMW project manager told

[via CNET]
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