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Nature Photographer Admits to Faking Photographs

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Award-winning Swedish nature photographer Terje Helleso has admitted to faking some of his photographs.

The truth of the manipulated photos came to light when conservationist Gunnar Gloerson found Helleso’s photos of lynxes suspicious.

One of the photos of a lynx showed the animal covered with winter fur when the picture was taken in July; another has a strange perspective of a lynx, where its feet could be seen at a strange angle.

“Doesn't this lynx in the July greenery have a winter fur? How about the lynx that’s reflected in the pool, is it walking in the air or on land, and can you really see the paws in that angle?” Gloerson wrote in a blog.

Gloerson, in his 52 years of wildlife study, had seen 15 lynxes, while the Swedish Photographer of the Year 2010 claimed to have seen 150 in nine months.


When Helleso received his award in May, he said: “We nature photographers should never forget the responsibility we have with our images, from both a documentary and artistic perspective.”

Helleso’s title awarded by The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency will be reviewed.

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