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Creating Art and Amusement from Boredom

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What do you get when you put tweets about boredom, an interactive touch screen application and Flickr artworks together?

For four days in May, Ivan Sharko allowed guests to his installation called The Boring Gallery to create abstract art from what Twitter users found boring.

For his 'source material', Sharko monitored Twitter trends in six cities: Chicago, Atlanta, Toronto, New York, Los Angeles and London.

He then used what people considered were "boring subjects"—life, church, school and class—and linked them to pictures from Flickr that used the same tags and locations.

To determine the colors and shapes of the art, Sharko tapped Twitter and Flickr users, but to create the art's composition, the designer created a simple app for guests to physically interact with at the installation.

In three steps, these guests were able to generate unique art from the tweets and photos:

1. Pick a city out of the six
2. Select a Twitter-trending word about "boredom", out of the six that were available each day
3. Pick a photo pallet from Flickr, which had been predetermined based on the city and tags selected in the first and second step, respectively

As a result, both the 'real' users and digital ones collaborated to create a total of 1,056 artworks as a visual representation of a city's collective sigh of dreariness.


Here are some examples:

Church is boring in LA

Life is boring in London

Shit is boring in New York

Day is boring in Chicago

[via The Boring Gallery]
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