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Drawings on Fogged Glass Come to Life in Animation

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Director Hoku Uchiyama collaborated with Evelyn Evelyn to create their latest music video ‘Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn’.

In the video, drawings on fogged glass come to life to tell the story of the song.

Uchiyama blended hand-dawn animation with live action. The condensation animation and twins behind the fogged glass were filmed separately.

The fog-glass animation was a tricky process, as the camera could not pick up the condensation.

“Our crew improvised a solution with water and dulling spray,” Uchiyama said.

“In post-production, through trial and error, we zeroed in on what makes foggy windows look like foggy windows and thus we nailed what we needed to reproduce it digitally.”

Water on the glass was edited to bend and warp the objects behind it, hands had to be masked to make them more in focus, finger oils and moving water were also added.


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