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When Macbeth Meets Dracula, A Stop-Motion of 3,000 Felt Pieces

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Director Spike Jonze teamed up with designer Olympia Le-Tan to create a ‘tragicomic’ stop-motion animation made of 3,000 pieces of felt, all cut by hand.

‘Mourir Auprès de Toi’ (To Die By Your Side) is set on a bookshelf of famous Parisian bookstore, Shakespeare and Company.

The fictional story plays out about two star-cross lovers, from the illustrated first-edition covers of Macbeth and Dracula, wanting to come together.

The duo, Jonze and Le-Tan, cut up felt and sewed the iconic book covers seen in the video, and wrote the script of the short animation together.

“It was this thing with no schedule, no pressure and no real reason to be—other than just that we thought it would be fun,” Jonze said.


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