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Infographic: Anatomy of an Ad Agency

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Toronto-based ad agency Grip Limited created an infographic that comments on the diverse ‘species’ in an ad agency.

‘Anatomy of an Agency’ features the accounts, art director, copywriter, developer and finance roles of an ad agency.

It gauges things about the different roles, such as: their recent Google searches, drawer contents, most-used desktop files, average daily timesheets, bad habits, and likely reactions when they get fired.

In the infographic, all five have booze as part of their drawer contents.


Recent Google searches are on the lines of: “conflict resolution” for accounts, “asian man bicycle carnival royalty free” for art directors, “one show headlines 1983” for copywriters, “how to talk to a girl” for developers, and “cashing out in the even of a corporate takeover” for the finance managers.

It also states that copywriters have a bad habit of “judging other writers’ headlines”, and are likely to tweet to their many followers in the event of being fired.

Are ad agencies really like this?

[via copyranter]
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