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A Rube Goldberg Machine with a Tweeting Twist

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By definition, a regular Rube Goldberg machine is a complex, over-engineered mechanical device designed to perform simple tasks.

Dutch design studio HEYHEYHEY created Melvin the Magical Mixed Media Machine, or Melvin the Machine for short. The contraption is a Rube Goldberg machine that is more to the eye—it also does social media.

This Magical Mixed Media Machine does live shows: while stamping posters, signing T-shirts and bags, it makes videos and takes pictures of its audience before uploading these videos and pictures to Twitter, Facebook and a blog.

For a finishing touch, Melvin then plays a song, and the show is over.

Every show lasts four minutes, and for what it’s worth, the intention was to create “a ‘super moment’”, one “which the experience counted rather than the end result”, HEYHEYHEY said.


[via Fast Co.Design]
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