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MUJI Launches Energy-Saving Initiative, Curates Ideas from Designers

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To help Japan recover from the disasters, which left behind a heightened concern for saving energy, MUJI has launched a website curating ideas from designers on how to do just that.

Enjoy! ( ) Energy” jots down the ideas and rough sketches from creatives, whether it be devices, campaigns or just whimsical thoughts. For example, fashion designers mintdesign envisioned a dress that harnesses the power of sunlight and converts the energy to light the streets at night:

Nosigner created a concept for energy stickers, which display the wattage of each appliance and are meant to be pasted on switches. “Make invisible electricity visible,” he wrote:

Product designer and professor Shunji Yamanaka proposes a human-powered rice cooker:


Visual communication designer Stanley Wong’s idea is a “time-of-the-moment” clock—it doesn’t display the time, only the words “NOW”:

Designer and artist Alan Chan asks people to simply “sit quietly and meditate”:

Architect Tim Power proposes a series of “floating clouds, which harness the sun and create shade”:

Graphic designer Paula Scher’s idea to keep us from switching on the heater involves patting a dog, waiting for it to pant, and placing our faces next to the dog’s warm face:

[via MUJI]
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