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Develop Your Film in a Coffee Solution

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Develop your personal roll of film the way most make their coffee: cheap, easy and home-brewed.

A home-brewed developing liquid known as Caffenol is now a preferred darkroom-experiment in the film-photography community. Matt Richardson of Make demonstrates how, using a recipe from Photojojo.

There are a range of methods and recipes that one could get their hands dirty with, but most use these three key ingredients items: Vitamin C powder, coffee powder (not decaf) and washing soda.


Although this new way of developing negatives takes a few attempts to get right—and not to mention a lot of time and patience—many film-photography lovers prefer to try the method at least once in their lifetime.

Some get hooked and move away from traditional developing methods of sending rolls to shops and returning to collect them.

But for more information, such as alternate film-developing chemicals, and successful self-developed film, Caffenol is the go-to site.

[via Laughing Squid]
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