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Next-Gen Contact Lenses Could Send Emails to Your Eyes, Terminator-style

A report by BBC News, has revealed that researchers at Washington University are currently working on a new-generation of contact lenses that can project images in front of eyes.

The technology would allow its wearer to: “read floating texts and emails, or augment their sight with computer-generator images”.

Scientists have predicted that the lens could also project holographic images in the future—which could change video-gaming and people’s everyday lifestyles.

The contact lens is made of electrical circuits—built from layers of metal that are only a few nanometers thick (one-thousandth the width of a human hair)—and light-emitting diodes.

The device is still undergoing tests—which have shown no obvious adverse effects.

However, it still has problems to overcome, such as finding a good power source. Currently, the prototype works only when it’s within centimeters of a wireless battery.

[via BBC News]
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