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Threadless Tests Out T-Shirt Vending Machines

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Crowd-sourced T-shirt company Threadless has teamed up with Coinstar to test out vending machines that sell their products, in the Chicago area.

The kiosks are available at: Dominick's, Yorktown Mall (second floor, across from Express); Woodfield Mall, first floor, next to the Levi's store); and a Jewel supermarket at 2940 N. Ashland Ave.

“Coinstar and Threadless decided that grocery and mall locations would provide not only the opportunity for scale, but compelling environments to deliver convenience and value to consumers,” Wilson Fong, head of partnerships for the t-shirt company, said.

The machines currently carry totes, hoodies, water bottles, onesies, and small to extra-large T-shirts for both men and women—that can all be found on their website—and accepts credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

With the vending machines, the e-commerce leader hopes to reach offline consumers that are unaware of their online presence.


Whether or not more Threadless vending machines would be available in the future is still uncertain.

“This is a test that we will evaluate over time,” Fong said.

[via Chicagoist]
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