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Infographic: Shocking Facts About Walmart

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Frugal Dad has researched on America’s very own retailer, Walmart, and discovered shocking statistics.

In the infographic ‘The Weight of Walmart’, Walmart is said to be earth’s largest retailer, and the largest grocer in the US—with US$129 billion in grocery sales alone.

Walmart generates an annual revenue of over US$400 billion, and has five times the sales of Costco, the second largest US retailer.

Manhattan’s 880-million square feet can be covered by Walmart’s warehouses.


In total, Walmart has more than 2 million employees—which is said to be more people than those serving in the United States’ Military.

The retail giant imports US$32.5 billion-worth of Chinese goods, which equates to 15% of all US Chinese imports—making it the largest US importer of Chinese goods.

If Walmart were a national economy, they’d be the first in the world for income inequality: CEO Michael Duke makes more in an hour (US$16,827) than his sales associate make in a year (US$13,650).

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[via Frugal Dad]
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