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If Luxury Brands Designed Cupcakes

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Prop stylist Lisa Edsälv designed cupcakes to emulate a few famous couture brands as food art.

In ‘Couture Cupcakes’, cupcakes take on color schemes and themes of designers Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, Vera Wang, Betsey Johnson, and Agent Provocateur.

Chanel cupcakes were styled with classy pearls and its iconic colors of black and white; Christian Louboutin cupcakes to take after its prominent black heels with patented red soles; Louis Vuitton cupcakes look like its monogram bag; while Betsey Johnson cupcakes featured its cherry and heart icons.

The cupcakes were shot by photographer Therese Aldgård.

Are ‘Couture Cupcakes’ sweet treats for the rich? Or too pretty and expensive-looking to eat?


[via My Modern Metropolis]
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